Luton lass Lubna keeps her cool in week 2 of BBC's The Apprentice as rivals show hearts of ice

Luton contestant Lubna Farhan is keeping her cool as week two of BBC's The Apprentice kicks off with an ice cream challenge.

Sunday, 13th October 2019, 4:54 pm
Luton's Lubna keeps her cool in ice cream challenge

After the girls won the first week's South Africa tourism challenge, this second outing sees the two teams tasked by Lord Sugar with creating two ice creams - a premium, corporate product as well as a budget lollipop to be sold directly to the public.

Accountant Lubna, 33, shows her skills with the numbers as her team weighs up ingredients.

But her creative ideas fall like a lead balloon.

Shouty scenes in the boy's marketing team were far from impressive

"What about cream cheese," she suggests, as her team seeks to compliment their retro cola lollipop. "We can call it cheese cola."

Happily, this stinking idea is dropped in favour of liquorice allsorts!

The final product looks like frozen sewage and the premium ice cream - a prism-shaped lolly overloaded with herbs and flowers - leaves Lord Sugar's attendant Karen Brady plucking sprigs of rosemary from her mouth.

Luckily, both lollies manage to sell even if poor Lubna is blamed for bad packing when when they start to melt!

The boys' premium ice creams

Whatever gaffs the ladies get into are easily overshadowed by shameful scenes in the gents' club which, in the real world, would see the entire team sacked.

Foodie Kenna Ngoma, 24, decides he is the perfect leader among the boys and opts for health-based options.

Affable Dean, 20, is sent to lead the marketing team and manages to land an impressive £3.85 per unit for the premium lollipop, with chosen ingredients of glitter, raspberry and coconut milk.

But Dean has cast himself in the negotiator's chair, leaving out colleagues Ryan-Mark, 19, and Souleyman, 20, who react with typical unease once the talks are over.

Ryan-Mark in particular, flings his toys out the pram with a tirade of accusations and finger-pointing as Lord Sugar's attendant Claude Wittam disapprovingly shakes his head.

Back in the kitchen, project leader Kenna oversees the lollipop that will lead to his doom - a tacky, bubblegum-pink stick of lewd proportions.

"It looks like a penis," wails a mortified Dean before presenting the offending object to their client.

Sparing no blushes, she rejects the "quite rude" lolly out-of-hand before making a desultory low offer which hapless Dean still fails to sign up to.

With their behinds kicked into oblivion by the ladies, boys' leader Kenna drags Dean and Ryan-Mark into the boardroom before deservedly getting his marching orders.

Plenty of reputations will need to be redeemed in next week's toy challenge!

Luton mum-of-two Lubna has so far kept a respectable low profile in the competition, sticking earnestly to the task at hand. And it's no easy feat when surrounded by the circus of nasties and schemers that sinks the BBC flagship show, now in its 15th year, ever further from its credible business beginnings.

But as we know, it will take more than a strong work ethic for Lubna to succeed on the show ... and her spark has yet to shine through.

The Apprentice airs on BBC One at 9pm on Wednesday.