Luton mum's horror at finding mouse droppings in toddler's bed

A young Luton mum says she has had to move out of her council flat after an infestation of mice.

By Lynn Hughes
Tuesday, 10th May 2022, 3:02 pm
Baby mice have been found in Brogan's flat

Brogan Hardiman said the infestation of her flat on Elgar Walk in High Town, started during lockdown in 2020.

She says despite repeated visits from pest control, she finally moved out after she found mouse droppings in the bed she shares with her 15-month old daughter.

Brogan, aged 25, has lived in the upper floor flat for seven years, but the mice infestation started when she was pregnant in 2020.

The mice infestation has been going on for two years

Bait boxes and poison have been repeatedly put down, both by pest control and Brogan, but she says the issue is not going away and Luton Council says the issue is “manageable”.

But after finding a nest of baby mice in her living room and having to keep all her child’s toys boxed up to avoid contamination, she says she has had enough and has moved in with family.

"I’ve had no advice on how to get rid of them,” she says. “The council has been out nine times in total, but they keep saying it's a manageable problem.

"The pest control and the housing officer keep blaming each other.”

She says despite regular cleaning she keeps finding mice droppings and sees them running round the flat.

"My mental health has declined and I have had to go on medication. I’m not going to have my daughter walking around where there are mice.

"I just want to move, there does not seem a rush from the council to sort the problem.”

A Luton Council spokesman said: “We do not want any of our tenants to live with a pest issue and it is for that reason that we provide a

free, responsive pest control service.

“Our team were already aware of issues at the property and had been in contact with the resident and arranged to carry out a visit to commence treatment to resolve the problem.

“A thorough inspection was conducted by our Pest Control team earlier this week and a treatment programme is underway. A revisit is scheduled for 12th May to undertake proofing. We are experienced in dealing with rodent issues in residential properties and we are confident that we will be able to successfully complete the treatment programme at this property.