Luton 'ready to do all we can' to help Afghan refugees fleeing Taliban

Local leaders in Luton have rallied forward to welcome Afghan refugees fleeing the Taliban.

Tuesday, 24th August 2021, 3:39 pm
Luton is preparing to welcome Afghan refugees fleeing totalitarianism

With the distressing scenes in Afghanistan over recent days, Luton Borough Council and the town's diverse communities are already "mobilising" to ensure Luton is ready to play its part to support those in desperate need.

The council is awaiting instructions from the government on what the local requirements are.

Cllr Hazel Simmons, leader of the council, said: “The council and our communities are moved by the plight of so many people in Afghanistan who are now fearful for their lives in that country and wish to seek asylum in the UK. The dramatic images we are all seeing as the drama unfolds fills us with great sadness.

"We are particularly thinking of our local residents who have family in Afghanistan and the distress they must be feeling over the situation.

“At the same time our thoughts turn to the members of our armed forces and other officials, who have served and continue to serve in that country at this distressing time.

“Luton is proud that our culturally diverse community has so often expressed itself in a willingness to play its part and open its arms to those fleeing to this country.

“We are currently working with our community partners to assess the support that may be needed to those who are victims of this latest humanitarian crisis, and are sure this desire to help will continue as the current situation unfolds.

“We are ready to do all we can to help, and are currently awaiting further information from the government regarding requirements and expectations, and also how they plan to ensure there is central support for the refugees from this crisis.”