Luton stalker made teen girl's life a misery for 4 years with threats, smashed window and knifepoint attack

A Luton stalker made a teenage girl's life a misery for four years with a constant barrage of threats after she ended their relationship.

Friday, 27th September 2019, 11:42 am
Kamran Asif

Kamran Asif, 20, of Markham Road, began bombading the victim with texts and WhatsApp messages in March this year.

He threatened her with violence and said that he would post indecent photos on the internet. He continued to harass her even after she pleaded with him to stop.

On March 29 at around 10.15pm, Asif spotted the girl in a car in Luton and he used a baseball bat to smash the rear window of the vehicle in a terrifying attack.

Kamran Asif

Two days later, whilst the girl was walking through a Luton industrial park at around 4pm, Asif lay in wait for her in a van.

When he saw her approach her bus stop, he grabbed her by the neck and dragged her into a nearby underpass at knifepoint.

He then assaulted her, smashed her headphones and threatened her with further violence and rape.

On Monday, September 23, Asif appeared at Luton Crown Court where he was jailed for four years for stalking, with an extended licence period of two years on his release.

DC Wesley Hall, who led the investigation, said: “This man’s unwanted attention caused distress to his teenage victim, putting her in genuine fear for her own safety.

“Not only did he stalk and threaten her via text messages, he followed her, and his obsession quickly escalated into physical harm. Thankfully the victim contacted us and we were able to apprehend Asif before he was able to repeat his behaviour, or carry out his threats.

“I am glad we have secured a custodial sentence for Asif and hope his victim can feel safer knowing he is behind bars.

“Stalking is a crime and anyone who harasses and intimidates someone risks a criminal record and prison sentence. It’s important that anyone who feels they’re being stalked or harassed reports it to us. We take these reports very seriously and we’ll do all we can to ensure that victims are safe, and offenders are brought to justice.”

If you are being stalked or harassed contact police on 101. Always call 999 in an emergency.

You can also seek support from the National Stalking Helpline on 0808 8020300.