Luton teenager's rap for ChatHealth is encouraging young people to talk

ChatHealth is an anonymous texting service offered by the local school nursing team to support young people with accessing confidential health advice

Monday, 29th March 2021, 8:23 am

A young rap artist from Luton has written and produced a rap for ChatHealth encouraging young people in Bedfordshire to talk more.

Jayden Nyathi, 14, created the rap following a competition in February directed at young people to design a rap to encourage young people to talk about relationships, bullying and healthy eating among other issues through direct, confidential texts with their school nurses.

ChatHealth, run by Bedfordshire and Luton Children’s Community Health Services, is an anonymous texting service for young people - aged 11-19 - offered by the local school nursing team to support them with accessing confidential health advice.

Screenshot from Jayden's video

Jayden, who attends Challney High School for boys, said: “I started listening to music from a young age as a toddler, where at home my mum and dad would play a wide range of music.”

His parents added: “It was rap music that stuck with him the most aided by recital of lyrics from his favourite songs including and not limited to Cartoon Network characters.

"We like rap music because it allows story-telling, and can be fused with any music genre and like jeans, never goes out of fashion.

"Jayden decided to get involved with the ChatHealth competition because of his love of music and to use it as a tool to help send out an important message about issues affecting young people.”

Screenshot from Jayden's video

You can now text the Luton School Nurse Service on 07520 616070 to ask health related questions you might have including mental health, drugs, relationships, healthy eating and much more.

Kirsty Younger, CCS School Nurse added: “Over the past year it has been really difficult for young people, within our local community.

"Jayden’s fantastic rap will hopefully encourage young people to access the service as they will be able to relate to the message delivered within the rap, and give them confidence in access ChatHealth for support with any physical and emotional health needs.

“ChatHealth has supported a number of young people over the past year and one young person stated that she felt able to be honest with the nurse, and the support she received from the ChatHealth service enable her to have the confidence to access on-going support face to face, and wouldn't of accessed further intervention without the support from the ChatHealth nurse.”