Luton to remember victims of Covid pandemic with community memorial

A blaze of colour will soon adorn Luton's The Mall as the town remembers those who died during the Covid pandemic.
A Covid memorial will remember those we lost in the pandemicA Covid memorial will remember those we lost in the pandemic
A Covid memorial will remember those we lost in the pandemic

Luton Borough Council has announced the poignant piece of art for the town centre, with funding from the European Union's regional development fund and The Mall,

'Our River' will be a photographic mosaic on one side of the Mall, facing a new park soon to be developed on Silver Street.

The mosaic will feature 1,000 images of Luton residents, commemorating those lost in the pandemic, as well as celebrating the key workers who pulled the rest of us through it.

Residents will shortly be able to submit photographs and stories of their loved ones, their families and of the moments that defined the past 16 months.

Cllr Hazel Simmons, leader of Luton Borough Council, said: ‘’The pandemic has impacted us in a broad range of ways.

"Many of us have lost loved ones, suffered financial hardship or accomplished extraordinary feats working in our hospitals, schools and other essential services.

"But we have also experienced some special moments. We have come together as a community, spent more time with our children at home, and brightened each other’s lives with window art and neighbourhood activities.

"'Our River' will capture and commemorate these moments, immortalising those lost and celebrating what we have overcome.

"It will also bring art to our town centre, brightening our lives and bringing us joy as we return to working, shopping and socialising in town. We encourage people to get involved and support this poignant project which will make a real difference to our town.’’

The council is currently recruiting two members of the project team - a community engagement co-ordinator and a community photographer. These part-time roles will support the project to engage with Luton's communities.

To find out more and apply, visit the website here.

The project will officially launch on July 23. Community members are invited to a virtual launch event via Zoom where they can hear more about the project and how they can get involved. Email [email protected] to register.