Luton woman left for months without hot water due to leak at flat

She was told she is not an emergency, but now landlord is sorting repairs

Thursday, 16th September 2021, 11:54 am

A young woman has been left without hot water for several months after her landlord failed to fix a leak at her Luton flat.

Cally Price has been left twice without hot water this year, after flooding from the flat above tripped the electrics near her boiler.

In January, the 25-year-old suffered a miscarriage at home but was unable to bathe properly because of the situation.

The boiler in Cally's flat with a bucket on top to catch the leaks

She has complained several times to landlords Mears Housing Management, after she was left without hot water from December to March, and then on May 29 this year the leak tripped the electricity fuses and the ceiling above the boiler came down.

Cally has been at the Rothesay Road flat for four years but says there has been a multitude of issues there.

"I've had nothing but problems," she said. "A pipe underneath my bath burst, flooding mine and three neighbour's flats, then in 2017 I was left without water for 5 days.

"In 2019 I contacted the local MP about the repairs, and the neighbours have had all sorts of problems."

Cally has been without hot water for several months

She says it can take an hour to fill a bath because the water pressure is terrible, and that the broken lift hasn't been fixed for about a year.

"They say they will send someone out and no-one turns up even if you have waited in for them," she says.

Cally says she was told having no hot water did not count as an emergency and she could just boil a kettle if needed.

But she says she has just started a new job and is anxious about the fact she is not able to bathe properly.

"It does nothing for my self esteem. I just want to get out of here."

A spokesman for Mears said this week: “We can confirm that the reason for this leak was due to the flat above refusing to grant us access to fix the boiler. We have now gained access and are carrying out repairs (September 15).

“To ensure that the wellbeing of the tenant was not further affected we moved them to a hotel, and we are hoping they will be back home once the leak has been addressed. We will be attending to remedy any issues with the electrics.

“We would politely remind tenants that when they have issues such as a leak, if they do not provide us access then it is also their neighbours who end up suffering.

“We will be keeping the tenant informed of the works as soon as we can, and we thank them for bearing with us whilst we try to fix this.”