Luton’s Rehema is in the Miss All African Colours final!

A talented Luton woman is proud to have made the finals of the Miss All African Colours competition, which celebrates diversity.

Monday, 14th December 2020, 1:32 pm

In response to the Black Lives Matter movement, the Miss England beauty pageant launched the new category, celebrating the rich heritage of women in England.

Farley Hill contestant, Rehema Muthamia, 24, whose family has roots in Kenya, is delighted to have made the final eight and can’t wait for the next heat.

Rehema said: “The campaign is to have more diversity and to be more representative of the UK, so I thought it was a great opportunity. As contestants, it’s been a beautiful experience and we’ve formed a sisterhood.”


To enter the competition, Rehema had to send a photograph of herself, as well as an explanation about why she wanted to join, and her talents; indeed Rehema has Masters Degree in Genetics from the University of Sussex (in Brighton) and enjoys salsa and bachata.

She hopes the Luton community can support the campaign, with the winner to be crowned in London on December 19 and enter the grand final of Miss England.

Meanwhile, the contestants are busy fundraising, with Rehema planning a quiz for Women’s Aid due to “the increase in domestic violence during the pandemic”.

Remembering the Black Lives Matter protests in Brighton, Rehema added: “It was emotional. I remember the camaraderie; everyone was there from students to the elderly. I hope it [the new beauty category] is here to stay. Racial injustice isn’t spoken about enough and minority voices should be heard. I have also inspired my little sister!”

Live stream final (December 19) – tickets cost £7.99 :