Message in a bottle reaches Harlington after bobbing in the North Sea for two years

The bottom letter made a round journey of more than 1500 miles
The bottom letter made a round journey of more than 1500 miles

A bottled message which was found in Norway has finally reached its intended target in Harlington – after floating in the North Sea for two years.

On December 27 2012 a letter was wedged into a wine bottle and thrown into the sea in Aberdeen.

Victoria Ward said she was 'shocked' by the letter

Victoria Ward said she was 'shocked' by the letter

It was sent by a friend of 25-year-old data analyst Victoria Ward – who knew nothing of it until she received a letter from a woman in Norway last Wednesday telling her that the bottle had washed up on an island more than 660 miles from its start point.

The letter read: “We found this letter in a bottle a couple of weeks ago, when we went for a walk on an island here in Flatanger, Norway.

“It seems to be for you...Flatanger is a small village in the middle of Norway so it has travelled quite far.”

Also enclosed was the original message, which had made a round trip of more than 1,500 miles.

Victoria, of Valiant Close, Harlington, told the Luton News: “I was really shocked when I got the letter, I really didn’t know what to think.

“This is the sort of thing you see in a film , it’s not something that ever happens in real life!”

After receiving the letter from Norway Victoria got in touch with her friend, who admitted in his original message that the odds of her receiving the note were “almost impossible”.

Victoria said: “It was from a friend I am still in touch with and when I told him what had happened he was really surprised as he didn’t think I’d ever get it.

“The letter wished me well and said that he was sure I would be doing well. I guess he just wanted to see whether it would make it to me or not.

“The woman in Norway thought it was amazing it did.”