The message that will have parents of Year 6 leavers in Luton bursting into tears

A message has emerged on social media that has had parents of Year 6 leavers reaching for the tissues in Luton.

Hold that hand one last time
Hold that hand one last time

The message, which was posted online by Mummy's Gin Fund, is a poignant one for parents whose children are set to leave primary school in the next week ahead of the big move up to secondary education in September.

The post soon went viral on social media and being shared via the likes of WhatsApp.

And it has left parents feeling emotional as the big day looms.

Hold that hand one last time

Here is the message. We challenge you not to cry.

"Year 6 parents, walk your child to school one last time this week. Even if they don't want you to. Laugh about the sticks they used to collect or the paintings they so carefully carried. Reminisce about their sports days and how funny they were in their nativity.

"Tell them how proud you are of them and how excited you are to see them grow. Remember how little their hand was when you held it on the first day of reception.

"Hold that hand again as you walk with them one last time. You've done a great job."

Told you it would make you cry didn't we.