Mother’s fears for baby over cockroach and mice infestations

Yezmin Akhtar has been unable to live with her three month old baby
Yezmin Akhtar has been unable to live with her three month old baby

A Luton mother of four has been forced to move her three-month-old daughter out over fears that damp and repeat infestations of cockroaches and mice could harm her health.

Yezmin Akhtar, 23, moved into a privately rented property in Bradley Road, Luton, in October 2013 and has since been plagued with a number of problems.

Last month her three- month-old daughter Fayah was hospitalised for three days after suffering a chest infection, which Yezmin believes has been caused by extensive damp around the home.

Following the incident she has decided to move her youngest daughter out to live with her grandmother, forcing the mother to give up breast feeding.

Yezmin said that infestations of cockroaches and mice have also left her other three young children– Mohiz, four, Ayaan, three, and two-year-old Laiba– in constant fear.

She said: “The whole house is infested.

“Laiba found cockroaches in her cot a couple of months ago and when Fayah was only a month old I found a mouse in her moses basket.

“Every time I contact the landlord he says he will take a look, he’ll come over but it is never sorted. I have done everything in my power to get is disgusting in this house.”

Luton Borough Council is investigating the case and has warned the rental property’s owner. A spokesperson said: “We have contacted Ms Akhtar and her landlord and understand some remedial work has already been carried out.

“We will be reviewing the case in a couple of weeks with a view to enforcement action if further remedial work has not been completed or is not under way.”