Nearly 150 operations at Luton & Dunstable Hospital axed by plant failures

Nearly 150 operations at Luton & Dunstable Hospital had to be cancelled due to faulty plant equipment in the last year, it has been revealed.

Thursday, 16th May 2019, 12:59 pm

The admission was made by the L&D Foundation Trust’s chairman Simon Linnett in a newsletter praising staff for their hard work.

Many of the 149 cancellations happened during the busy winter season.

Mr Linnett stated that the operations had been cancelled due to plant failures and not staff shortages.

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He added the trust hoped to eradicate these issues within the next 12 months.

One man said there had been a number of cancelled operations.

He added: “It can be very distressing to be told your op has been cancelled, especially if this happens when you have changed into your op gown and are about to be wheeled into theatre.”

The L&D hospital has recently been rated “Good” in its inspection by the Care Quality Commission, and Mr Linnett thanked staff for their hard work in his statement.

He said: “I find myself again remarking in a way that never ceases to amaze me about the incredible contribution made by all members of staff.

“In particular, across a winter that we have managed with our only cancelled operations being due to failure of plant rather than the congestion of service.

“I am pleased to say that you will be seeing over the next 12 months significant work to ensure that these plant failures are eradicated in the future.”

Luton and Dunstable Hospital were contacted but declined to comment further after confirming 149 cancelled operations.