IN PICTURES: Bury Park takeaway rife with mice fined £13k over food hygiene offences a SECOND TIME

A Bury Park takeaway alive with rodents has been fined over £13,000 for food hygiene breaches six years after the business was prosecuted for similar offences.

Tuesday, 17th September 2019, 2:50 pm

On May 11 last year, a food safety officer inspected restaurant Al Badar on Dunstable Road, and found poor standards of hygiene and cleanliness throughout. The restaurant had mice activity, cooked food stored in containers used for raw meat, inadequate handwashing facilities, and staff not wearing protective uniforms. The findings come six years after the takeaway was previously fined for similar offences including cockroaches, grease-covered equipment and hazardous food handling, as previously reported here. This time round, Al Badar was closed immediately using emergency hygiene procedures. Although action was taken to improve standards, another inspection carried out on June 7 this year uncovered more food hygiene offences. Owner Shabir Ahmed of Ashcroft Road, Luton and manager Mr Anel Shabir of Ashcroft Road Luton both pleaded guilty to food hygiene offences in Luton Magistrate’s Court on September 3 and were fined £13,232.50 in total.

Laura Church, Corporate Director for Place and Infrastructure said "It is essential that food business owners keep their food premises clean and up to food law standards for the safety of customers. We strongly advise that they have a permanent pest control monitoring and treatment contract in place.

“Food businesses need to continually look at both the inside and outside of the premises they operate from and make sure they meet food hygiene standards. We will take action if necessary.”

Uncovered food was stored in unhygienic conditions

Food business operators should use reputable pest controllers that are registered with the British Pest Control Association or The National Pest Technical Association. Alternatively, businesses can obtain advice and guidance and use the Council’s own pest control traded service by contacting 01582 546814 or emailing [email protected]

Where a food business is found to have pest activity, it faces emergency closure and prosecution.

Customers can view the food ratings of local establishments at

A mouse trap showed clear evidence of mice activity
Tongs used for food-handling lay on top of filthy cardboard above a bin
A clogged and dirty drain
Unhygienic food storage
Tools and food handling equipment were stored inappropriately
Rubbish piled up in the kitchen