IN PICTURES: Filthy, fly-ridden fishmonger in Bury Park appears at Luton Crown Court over string of food hygiene offences

The owner of a "filthy" fishmonger in Bury Park has been sentenced after a string of food hygiene offences were uncovered by Luton Borough Council

Friday, 13th September 2019, 11:41 am
Filthy fish

Abderahmane Aid, 42, of Waldeck Road, Luton, appeared at Luton Crown Court for sentencing on September 3 after he pleaded guilty to eight hygiene offences.

Aid was issued with a 12-month community order including 120 hours of unpaid work due to insufficient funds to pay fines. Costs of £800 are also to be paid.

In June 2018, a council food and safety officer visited Bury Park Fish Mongers on Waldeck Road and found the premises to be in a "filthy condition", with fish and shellfish displayed outside with no regard for food safety.

Filthy fish

Inspectors found:

> The premises was dirty throughout, with blood smears on the wall and soiled stains on freezer door handles.

> The shelving unit with the microwave was in a "filthy condition" as were the floor, freezers, and toilet - which was also in a state of disrepair.

> No separation in the chiller unit between raw and ready to eat prawns.

Uncovered chilled and ready-to-eat prawns

> Chopping boards were scored and contained dried-on fish matter, and the premises was disorganised and dirty.

> Strong smell of rotten fish and numerous flies were seen both inside the premises, and landing on uncovered fish and shellfish displayed outside.

> Raw prawns were displayed outside next to cooked prawns, in direct sunlight without any method of temperature control.

> Mouldy, rotten fruit was also being displayed for sale outside.

The premises was in a filthy state

> Just one sink available for washing soiled equipment, with no other sink for staff to wash their hands.

The business was immediately closed after the inspection using hygiene emergency prohibition powers. All food inside and outside the shop was removed and destroyed to protect public safety.

The fishmongers has since undergone a refurbishment and currently has a food hygiene rating of 3.

Laura Church, corporate director for place and infrastructure said: "We have a responsibility to monitor and enforce the highest possible food safety and hygiene standards across Luton. When we have clear evidence of any breach, we will act swiftly and decisively to ensure the safety of customers.

‘’It is essential that food business owners keep their premises clean, and store and display food safely and correctly. We prosecute in this way to make sure food businesses adhere to the stringent regulations that are in place to protect the public.”

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