Lampadophores puppets parade. Photo: Aleksandra WarcholLampadophores puppets parade. Photo: Aleksandra Warchol
Lampadophores puppets parade. Photo: Aleksandra Warchol

Pictures: Illuminated inflatables, music and performances at Luton's 'Lampadophores' parade

‘I think Luton needs more stuff like this’

A one-night-only festivity in Luton brought joy and excitement to the town.

The ‘Lampadophores’ event took place yesterday (November 9) and featured illuminated inflatables, music, and performances.

Hundreds of people joined a parade led by Picto Facto, a French street performance company. The parade began in Bury Park and concluded at St George’s Square.

Prior to the parade, 480 children at Beech Hill Primary participated in lantern and miniature puppet-making workshops, delivered by Revoluton Arts and supported by Shabeena Parveen.

Ms Choudhury, a teacher at Beech Hill Primary said: “These workshops and events build a sense of belonging and happiness within our community. Not only does this give individuals something to look forward to, but it helps as an act of self-care.

"They are doing something that brings them comfort and joy. The children absolutely loved it and each child thrived in this setting. It was definitely an amazing memory we won’t forget!”

Lindsey Pugh, creative director, Revoluton Arts, said: “In bringing Picto Facto’s Lampadophores to Luton, we created a moment for everyone to gather and be together harmoniously. It was a thrill to see so many families and people from near and further afield experiencing the magical light parade.

The event got a good reception from attendees. Charlotte Williams, 32, said: “The performers were really bubbly, enthusiastic and playful. The event made me feel silly and happy, made me want to dance. I think Luton needs more stuff like this, it needs cheering up.”

Judith Chapman, 56, added: “I thought it was exciting and very visually interesting. My favourite thing was the scale of it and the fact it went through the town and engaged with so many people. It gives the people in Luton something to do and see.”

Here are some pictures from the event.

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