Police target dangerous driving in Luton with speed checks on two streets

Speed checks
Speed checks

Bedfordshire Police carried out a targeted operation in Luton on Wednesday to target speeding, dangerous driving and other road offences.

Officers from the Beds, Camnbs and Herts roads policing unit were out and about in Dunstable Road and Hitchin Road carrying out speed checks on passing vehicles.

The locations were selected based on a report which listed places with the highest number of serious road traffic accidents.

Throughout the day, officers went door-to-door to speak to residents, advise motorists and issued 20 traffic offences reports.

PC Ghaffar Khan, who organised the initiative, said: “We have targeted locations in our town where people were seriously injured or, sadly, killed in recent years. I believe it is important to continue this kind of engagement, as road safety should be the priority of every motorist.

“I would like to encourage our drivers to always make sure that their vehicle is taxed and insured, and most importantly it is safe to be on the road. Additionally, please remember that the speed limit is not a target; speeding is one of the top four causes of fatalities on the road and can be as dangerous as drink or drug driving, using your mobile phone or not wearing a seatbelt.

“When travelling at 30mph your vehicle travels 100 feet in 2.3 seconds. It takes a split second to take a life.”