Ross Kemp visits Luton factory to explore immigration issue

EastEnders actor Ross Kemp spent a day at Luton's Pratts Bananas factory for a TV programme exploring immigration in Britain.

Wednesday, 30th March 2016, 12:13 pm
Updated Wednesday, 30th March 2016, 12:16 pm
Ross Kemp with Simon Bianchi of Pratt's Bananas

Ross, who left the soap in 2006 but who returns as Grant Mitchell briefly next month, has been filling the past decade producing hard-hitting documentaries.

And the actor/journalist paid a trip to Pratt’s in Laporte Way for his latest show Ross Kemp’s Britain, part one of which was broadcast last Tuesday night on Sky One.

Filming actually took place back in September and Pratts spokesman Emma Hall said: “We have a 400 strong team who make up our fantastic and truly multi-cultural workforce. Pratt’s currently welcome staff from at least 14 countries including Poland, Lithuania, Albania, Sloviakia, Portugal and Mexico. Many have worked with us for several years in our packhouse, warehouse, transport and procurement teams.”

Ross had free rein to talk to the workforce and was said to be “staggered and impressed” by many of the stories they told of their personal journeys from their own country to Luton and the experiences they’d had along the way with work and integration into life in Britain and Luton.

The company was featured for around 10 minutes about 30 minutes into the programme which Sky customers can still view On Demand.

Emma added: “It featured Simon Bianchi talking about our workforce and a Greek employee who explained that she had a business in Greece but due to the Greek recession she came to the UK whilst her son is studying here.

“The four strong film crew took over part of the canteen and, although we had be warned that he was a bit of a diva, Ross was friendly and genuinely interested in our business and our multi-cultural workforce. He was very accommodating when people wanted selfies with him!”