Secret Bedfordshire event will light up the night skies with choreographed display and live music

Only people who sign up will be told the location of the event – which will feature a stunning light display

By Lynn Hughes
Monday, 27th June 2022, 4:25 pm
An event at one of 20 locations across the country
An event at one of 20 locations across the country

Get ready for a startling event set to light up the night skies in a secret location near Luton.

The Chilterns Green Space Dark Skies event takes place on Friday 15 July from 4pm.

It’s part of a nationwide project to help people experience beautiful landscapes across the UK, at dusk.

People are being encouraged to become Lumenators, who will carry a low impact light on the night to help create magical moments.

You can join alone, with family and friends, or with an organisation. It’s free to take part and everyone is welcome.

There will be up to 20 different events across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. It’s free to take part and everyone is welcome to sign up.

You can sign up to join the event of the season in The Chilterns. Enjoy a mass picnic, music from local artists and take part in a stunning choreographed light display at dusk. The event in The Chilterns Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, close to Luton features local artists, choreographer Suba Subramaniam, contemporary folk musician Jim Carey Connell and music company KADAM.

Along with the picnic people can take part in activities including workshops and share stories of the outdoors and there will be live music and dance performances to enjoy whilst you picnic .

From 9pm there will be a rehearsal with other Lumenators creating patterns in the landscape and then a performance will be filmed on the ground and in the air by drones.

To protect this amazing place, only people who have registered will be taking part and the exact location will not be revealed to the general public. The gatherings will not have spectators, but anyone can take part as long as they sign up in advance.

Dr Elaine King, Chief Executive Officer, Chilterns Conservation Board said: "We’re excited to work with Walk the Plank on this outdoor arts experience for the local community. We hope the event will provide a new way to spend time in nature. Research has shown that engaging with nature is beneficial to our wellbeing and those connected to nature do more to help conserve it."