The famous people from Luton and Dunstable who fail to make it to interactive map - including James Bond composer and Saturday Night Fever director

Who exactly is the most significant person to hail from Luton and Dunstable?
Which famous people do you know from Luton and Dunstable?Which famous people do you know from Luton and Dunstable?
Which famous people do you know from Luton and Dunstable?

Well, it depends on your outlook.

If you’re a sports lover, it might be cricketer Monty Panesar.

Or if you have a passion for music, it might be Paul Young.

Well, an incredible interactive map has been developed, revealing the birthplaces of the most 'notable people' around the world.

And under Luton and Dunstable the main one is Arthur Hailey, famous for novels Hotel and Airport, closely followed by Syd Hoar, a Judo champion; antiquarian Charles Henry Cooper, who was actually born in Marlow, Buckinghamshire; and that well known English poet and playwright Elkanah Settle who died in 1724.

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But the list is more noteable for who it misses off. Luton born playwright David Renwick of One Foot in the Grave and Jonathan Creek fame doesn’t make the cut.

Neither does film director John Badham, famous for Saturday Night Fever, or composer of the music for Bond films as well as Independence Day, David Arnold.

Sports fans will be aware of the dozens of footballers and cricketers who also haven’t made the final list.

And for Dunstable there is the famous Hollywood actor Gary Cooper and well as housebuilding guru Kevin McCloud.

The map is the brainchild of Mapbox researcher and geographer Topi Tjukanov – researchers from the University of Paris calculated a person's notability based on information from Wikipedia and Wikidata and you can view it here.

Maybe go back to the drawing board though …