The Meads Primary School PTA first ever Halloween Pumpkin Competition

Students showcase creativity in the spooky pumpkin extravaganza in a celebration of creativity and Halloween spirit.

The PTA of the Meads Primary School in Luton organised its first ever Halloween Pumpkin Competition, showcasing an amazing 94 captivating entries that left both judges and parents awe-inspired.

From classic jack-o'-lantern designs to intricately carved scenes, well known characters and eerie creatures, the pumpkins displayed an amazing level of artistry and imagination. The competition saw students tapping into their creative reserves to transform ordinary pumpkins into some marvellous works of art.

Mr Warren, the school’s Deputy Head Teacher, who had the tricky job of judging the competition, said, "The level of creativity and ingenuity on display is truly remarkable – it was almost impossible to pick the best!”

Notable entries included a ninja turtle, a golden snitch from Harry Potter and an intricately designed haunted house that seemed to come to life in the flickering candlelight.

Parents, teachers, and children were present at the end of the day on Monday to admire the artistic creations and support everyone's hard work. The competition not only highlighted the Halloween spirit but also fostered a sense of community and togetherness among students, parents, and the school. Miss Downey, the school’s Family Worker, commented, “It’s been a great event organised by our brilliant PTA.It’s been wonderful to see so many people come together to view these super creations and they’ve certainly caused a lot of conversation!”

The winning entries all received prizes of Halloween hampers full of seasonal goodies!

With the overwhelming success of this year's event, The Meads looks forward to making the Halloween Pumpkin Competition a tradition in the years to come, encouraging creativity and community engagement for all children and families.

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