Tight squeeze! Lucky escape for Jasper the hearing dog trapped between walls in Sundon Park

Curiosity caught out a hearing dog in Luton today after he became trapped in a gap between two walls.

The drama unfolded in Rossfold Road in Sundon Park this morning, after Jasper the spaniel decided to check out a gap between two garages.

Jasper trapped in the gap (left) and reunited with his owner (right)

Jasper trapped in the gap (left) and reunited with his owner (right)

After a nervous wait, officers from Beds Fire and Rescue Service managed to free the pooch who was safely reunited with his grateful owner Mrs Norris.

A Beds Fire and Rescue spokesman said: "Our white watch was called just after 9.20am to reports of a a trapped dog.

"Upon arriving at the scene, officers found the dog wedged between the walls of two garages.

"They dismantled a concrete wall and a concrete block in order to free the dog. He was a hearing support dog for his owner Mrs Norris, who was delighted with his rescue and very thankful to crews."

Borough Commander Ade Yule attended the scene and said: "Crews did a great job rescuing the trapped. dog.

"We'd encourage all pet owners to keep small gaps and holes blocked over, to stop their animals getting into any mischief!"