Toddington woman praises WW Freestyle programme for helping her change her lifestyle

A woman from Toddington has thanked WW (the new Weight Watchers) after she lost two stone and is no longer insulin dependent.

WW member Christina Scott, 43, joined the Dunstable workshop in September last year and within two months she was no longer insulin dependant.

Christina Scott has lost two stone following the WW Freestyle programme

Christina Scott has lost two stone following the WW Freestyle programme

She has lost the weight following the WW Freestyle programme and credits the support and encouragement she has received from her friends, family and WW support group as the reasons why.

In August 2017 Christina was told she had no insulin in her blood and she stated medication straight away.

After being diagnosed as diabetic, overweight, uncomfortable frequently out of breath and being insulin dependent she decided she had to do something and joined WW.

She said: “I am a school dinner lady and found in the six weeks holidays I would boredom eat, I needed to lose some weight for my children as I just couldn’t keep up with them. To top this off I had become insulin dependent!

“Fast forward a few months and I am so happy with my life!

“I have turned a big health issue around, I just never thought that changing my lifestyle would make such a big difference.

“The WW freestyle plan has been the key for me, I love the Zero Smart pointed foods, it’s a healthier way of living and I feel so much better even in the short space of time.

“Everything in life is so much easier, I can do my job without getting hot and out of breath.

“A recent trip to the diabetic nurse shows that I really am changing my health, she was so happy I’m following WW and told me to carry on with what I’m doing.

“I know I’m still on my weight loss journey but weight is only one measure, it’s how you feel and your health that’s important, and I have taken back control of mine with the support of my fantastic coach Marisol.”

Marisol Sanchez runs a workshop on a Tuesday at the Methodist Church in Toddington at 7pm.