Toddington woman to take on Medicine Ball Challenge in brother's memory

A woman from Toddington is taking on The Medicine Ball Challenge to raise awareness of mental health problems, in memory of her brother.

Tuesday, 15th October 2019, 6:41 pm

Kelly Roast, 39, will carry the medicine ball which will be attached to a chain, for seven days and seven nights to help raise awareness of mental health problems.

The medicine ball represents the weight and burden service personnel and veterans carry around with them every day due to mental health problems. It is a challenge which when you take part you must cuff the 3kg Medicine Ball to your wrist for seven days.

Kelly will be doing the challenge in memory of her brother, Michael Hackett-Mingsong, who was in the Royal Marines during the 1990s, he committed suicide in July this year, after battling with mental health problems.


She said: "The medicine ball challenge is do with mental health, it is currently making its way around the country.

"It is about raising awareness for people who have left the military and need help.

"My brother took his own life in July and he was ex military, I was asked by the organisers of the challenge to take part.

"He was always helping others, even when he was battling his own problems, he would always be there for other people.

Michael and Kelly

"Michael did such a huge amount of work for the Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal and The Royal Marines Association to raise money and awareness.

"This is my way of raising awareness of the issue and helping others get the support they need.

"The ball is attached to a chain which is attached to you for seven days and seven nights, and you have to carry on with your every day life, go to work, look after the kids, sort the house.

"The medicine ball represents the weight that someone with mental health issues carries around with them all the time, it never goes away."

Kelly will receive the medicine ball on Monday, October 28, and hand it over to the next person on Sunday, November 3.