Who's contesting Mid Beds? Candidates reveal why they're standing and what they will do for you

As Britain prepares for a general election on December 12, we asked each of the six candidates contesting Mid Beds why they're standing and what they will do for you.

Friday, 6th December 2019, 12:58 pm
Updated Friday, 6th December 2019, 12:59 pm


Ms Dorries' office has yet to respond to our request.


Six candidates are contesting Mid Beds

Rhiannon was the Labour candidate in the 2017 election, when she increased Labour’ vote by over 12%. Originally from Wales, Rhiannon is an actor and was recently in the TV series ‘The Accident’. She has lived in Mid Bedfordshire for several years, and if elected, will of course continue to live at her home in Harlington, use local services and to commute daily to Westminster.

She has pledged to hold regular surgeries across the constituency, to report on her Parliamentary activities, to be accountable and to responds to all approaches from local residents and businesses.

Rhiannon’s values are based on fairness, equality and social justice for everyone. These values drive her passion for real change such as ending austerity, saving our NHS and investing in Sure Start, schools, the police and other public services.

She is active in her community and a campaigner for access at all the railway stations in Bedfordshire."


Rachel McGann, who lives in Arlesey, Bedfordshire, is the Liberal Democrat candidate for Mid Bedfordshire. After a career as a software engineer, she took a career break to spend time raising her family. Rachel then retrained to become a primary school teacher in 2014. She served on Arlesey Town Council from December 2016 to May 2019.

She decided to stand for election because she believes that the people of Mid Bedfordshire deserve to be properly represented in parliament by someone who has a real grasp of the issues, both local and national, that are affecting people’s lives.

Key priorities include tackling the climate emergency, addressing issues with housing development and infrastructure, including roads and access to GP appointments, and crime and policing across Mid Bedfordshire.

Rachel is also concerned about the potential impact of Brexit and has marched and campaigned tirelessly for a People’s Vote with an option to remain."


I've lived in Mid Bedfordshire for over 30 years and worked here for over 10. I have spent my life delivering more sustainable energy systems and environmental improvements.

I am currently the Energy & Environment Manager at Cranfield University, a trustee of a local environmental charity, a parish councillor and have been a school governor. I became involved in politics and joined the Green Party because of the frustration at seeing solutions to our environmental problems lacking in government support.

I am standing now to raise awareness of the Climate Emergency and to promote green policies. Mid Bedfordshire deserves better. It’s a rural area which can be isolating without a car. I want to work for better public transport and access to local services. Local jobs are important.

There are opportunities right here to develop new businesses and jobs for a sustainable economy which will address the Climate Emergency."


Most people are fed up to the back teeth with politics and political parties hijacking our democracy, promising the world and failing to deliver. Decisions are made by lobbyists, party activists, party membership and leaders who tell MPs what to vote for and against.

This means MPs are not inclined to ask constituents what they think because the decisions are made in a political bubble and sold to us as “what the people want’ without credible evidence.

I am not a politician. I come from outside politics but I bring transferable skills from corporate business and charity sectors. I will only vote in the interests of my constituents and with full engagement so that I can truly represent you in Westminster.

A vote for the other main parties in this Tory stronghold constituency will be wasted. Instead, lets work together to send the strongest possible message to Westminster: 'We demand to be heard!'


The Official Monster Raving Loony Party is a satirical party and seen as the party of fun. However, they do have a serious side: they put the voter first. This election will see a lot of undecided voters who are disillusioned with the main parties.

If elected, my absolute priority would be to represent my constituents and assisting with local issues.

A concern I would work on is the out of control building in the area, with barely any affordable and social housing, or new amenities.

I will pester Thameslink constantly to improve their service. As a minority party member, I would not be constrained in parliament by a party whip.