Police hub aims to tackle issues that matter

A new Community Policing and crime-busting plan for Luton has been unveiled.

Tuesday, 12th July 2016, 11:13 am
Updated Tuesday, 12th July 2016, 12:17 pm

Beds PCC Kathryn Holloway and deputy chief constable Mark Collins announced the delivery of a new Community Policing ‘Hub” at a meeting on July 9.

There will also be a new push on burglary in Luton.

“The public told me that more visible policing in their local communities was their number one priority and that’s why it’s mine too, ” Mrs Holloway told the audience in Bury Park.

DCC Collins said: “The new Community Hub will be in addition to the Community Crime Team, Community Cohesion officers and the 999 Response Team in Luton.”

The first officers will start patrols in the town in the next few weeks as new recruits come into service.

“If they’re based in Luton Mall and Bury Park Shopping Centre, the public will see officers as they make their way to and from these bases which, in itself, will give real reassurance and make it easier for people to informally pass on information to tackle crime,” said Mrs Holloway.

Operations include:

> Fidelity to target habitual burglars by checking they are at home observing their curfews

> Cocoon to offer burglary prevention advice to all neighbours in streets where there have been three burglaries

> Avicenna focussing on gang members responsible for burglary, vehicle crime and other offences in the South of the county

>Targeting of hot spots for burglary with particular action in Dudley Street, North Street, Wenlock Street, Stanley Street, Corncastle Road, Ashton Road, Arthur Street, Tavistock Street and Hibbert Street

>Roadshows and pop-up shops in Luton to give advice, especially at times of festivals.