Police hunt for Stopsley serial flasher

Beds Police are appealing for witnesses
Beds Police are appealing for witnesses

Police are searching for witnesses and potential victims of a flasher in the Stopsley area of Luton.

The man is believed to have exposed himself to women on a number of public greens close to main roads. Known exposures have happened in Hitchin Road, Turners Road South, Kenneth Road, Crawley Green Road and The Chase near Mixes Hill Road.

He is described as being of medium to heavy build. He has been seen in mornings between 7.45 and 8.30am although one incident occurred at 7pm.

Police are advising people to be aware of the problem. A spokeman said: “If anyone suspects they are being followed or observed, they should move away from the perpetrator.

“If they still think they are being followed then they should walk to the busiest place they know of locally and call the police.”

Anyone with information, is advised to call investigating officer Roy Danaher on 101.