Police scrap ISIS-like logo mistake

Bedfordshire Police have had to scrap their Islamophobia Awareness logo, after it was considered to be similar to a symbol used by ISIS.

On Tuesday, the force declared its support for the awareness month, aiming to encourage the reporting of hate crimes against the Muslim community.

However, just one day after their announcement, the force made an apology, stating that their ‘pointing finger’ logo looked similar to that of the terrorist group.

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The logo was used to illustrate social media posts surrounding the Islamophobia Awareness Month.

A spokesperson from Bedfordshire Police said: “The logo was produced by a national organisation and was used in good faith.

“As a consequence and to avoid offence, Bedfordshire Police has deleted these posts and will not tolerate Islamophobia or any other form of hatred or discrimination.”

To support the week, Hate Crime Sergeant James Hart has been busy setting up an Islamophobia Working Group, in conjunction with the Luton Council of Mosques.

They have been working with Lantern, a local women’s group, which aims to support and amplify the voices of Muslim women in the community.