Busway soundproofing could set taxpayers back more than £15k

Sections of the busway have attracted noise complaints.
Sections of the busway have attracted noise complaints.

Extra work to soundproof the £90m Luton and Dunstable Busway could set taxpayers back more than £15,000, it has been confirmed.

Following complaints from residents that the route had been causing a racket, Luton Borough Council sought the advice of noise consultants.

It was agreed that gaps between the beams are the most likely cause of the noise, so contractors were taken on to plug the gaps with a flexible material.

This work was carried out on Tuesday and Wednesday night at a cost between £5,000 and £6,000– while if the work was expanded to other areas of the busway which have attracted noise complaints the council would need to foot a bill for another £10,000.

This spending is not part of the busway’s budgeted annual maintenance, a spokesperson confirmed.

Cllr Dave Taylor indicated additional work is likely.

He said: “If this solution is successful and reduces the noise experienced by residents living close to the busway, we will be installing filler on other sections of the busway as appropriate.

“We know this filler has been used successfully in multi storey car parks stop to plug expansion gaps in the concrete decks and stop noise problems- so we are hoping it will be just the ticket for the busway.”