Community hopes charity will keep play area going

Adventure playground in Haddon Road, Hart Hill
Adventure playground in Haddon Road, Hart Hill

A children’s charity is campaigning to continue running Hart Hill Adventure Playground (HHAPG) in Luton, which the council can no longer afford to operate.

Children’s Links have been running HHAPG since it opened in February 2011 and now the tender is up for the building they are hoping to continue managing it.

The council’s executive committee will discuss the playground on Monday and if the Secretary of State agrees, plan to dispose of the land as a community asset transfer.

Craig Andrews, author of the petition, said: “Children’s Links have gained the trust and support of the residents of the local community.So come on people pull together and show that this is a place we don’t want to lose.”

The playground opened with £800,000 from the government but there is now no budget to continue to run it.

Writing on the petition, James Law said: “My grand- children love going there and beg me to take them all the while. Typical, anything good or positive the council don’t support.” Peter Callaghan said: “Why invest in a flagship venture only to take it away or change its use. This short -sightedness infuriates me.” and Richard Lewis said: “Let the playground continue the good work it’s already done. Business and public must get behind this to keep it open.”

Go to and search Hart Hill to find the petition.