Ongoing talks over legal agreement for access arrangements of industrial development near Luton

Industrial project planned on the boundary in 
BedfordshireIndustrial project planned on the boundary in 
Industrial project planned on the boundary in Bedfordshire | Luton Borough Council
Talks are to continue over access arrangements into an industrial project planned on the boundary of two local authorities in Bedfordshire.

There would be an area of open storage, landscaping, parking and other works, with the site to be accessed via a new junction from Coverdale, according to a report to the borough council’s development management committee.

“Coverdale is located in the borough council’s administrative area,” said the report. “The buildings and associated infrastructure are in Central Bedfordshire Council’s administrative area.

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Planning team leader Clive Inwards told the committee: “This is a cross-boundary application, so the majority of the physical works are in CBC’s administrative area.

“It’s only the proposed access from Coverdale which is located within Luton Borough Council’s administrative area,” he explained.

“We’re seeking delegated authority for the head of planning to continue to assess the proposals to allow talks with CBC and the applicant, and to make the final decision on the application.

“The main consideration for Luton is the impact of the development on highways safety. Highways officers have raised no objections to the development on safety grounds.

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“A planning obligation of £12,500 is requested along with a contribution of £8,000 towards the introduction of a weight restriction on Toddington Road. These requests are under consideration by CBC and the applicant.”

Eight individual units are proposed, with the storage area to the north of the development and an attenuation pond, explained the report.

“The land is located next to the M1 on the northern boundary of Luton, with Sundon Business Park to the north-east. This site isn’t allocated within the Luton Local Plan.

“But it’s designated for strategic housing and mixed-use allocations in the Central Bedfordshire Local Plan. A landscape buffer is intended between this location and the residential properties at Coverdale.”

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Talks with the applicant and CBC would relate to any Section 106 planning (legal) arrangements accompanying a decision to grant planning permission, added the report.

“A new access proposed would be in the form of a continuation of the Coverdale link to a roundabout with Luton Road and Toddington Road.

“Footpaths and cycleways will be provided either side of the carriageway connecting to the current pedestrian and cycling infrastructure locally.

“This project is predicted to generate 30 vehicle trips in the morning peak and 25 trips in the evening equivalent. A planning contribution of £12,500 has been requested by LBC highways to upgrade the footpath from Coverdale to national cycle route six.

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“The link would provide a quality pedestrian and cycle route between the development and Leagrave Railway Station, while also connecting to Luton, Houghton Regis, Dunstable and Leighton Buzzard town centres.

“The Section 106 contributions are under consideration by CBC and the borough council is awaiting comments.”

Councillors unanimously agreed to grant the delegated powers, while CBC will consider the overall development in due course.