Former Luton MP Brian Sedgemore dies after fall in hospital

Ex-Labour MP Brian Sedgemore
Ex-Labour MP Brian Sedgemore

A former Luton MP has died after falling in hospital.

Brian Sedgemore, 78, was at the University College Hospital in north London for an operation on his kidneys.

The operation was successful but he later fell in hospital and after being helped back into bed by nurses he lost consciousness and died.

Mr Sedgemore was first elected as a Labour MP in the now obsolete Luton West constituency– which included the Dallow, Limbury and Icknield wards– in February 1974.

He strenghtened his majority in a second General Election later that year but in 1979 he lost his seat to Conservative John Carlisle by a matter of 246 votes.

Mr Sedgmore returned to the House of Commons in 1983 as the MP for Hackney South and Shoreditch.

He stood down and defected to the Lib Dems just weeks before the poll in 2005, citing the Iraq invasion as one of his main issues.

At the time he accused Tony Blair of “stomach turning lies“ and urged voters to give the former Labour leader a ‘bloody nose’ the ballots.