Gavin Shuker backs Liz Kendall for Labour leadership

Gavin Shuker signs nomination papers in support of Liz Kendall
Gavin Shuker signs nomination papers in support of Liz Kendall

Luton South MP Gavin Shuker has today affirmed his support of Liz Kendall by nominating her for leadership of the Labour Party.

This afternoon Mr Shuker signed nomination papers to help Kendall to reach the 35 backers she needed to make the ballot.

Liz Kendall (centre)

Liz Kendall (centre)

The shadow social care minister is considered to be behind both Andy Burnham and Yvette Cooper in the race to succeed Ed Miliband.

Mr Shuker first announced his intention to back Kendall on May 21 as a “fresh start” for the party.

On his decision he said: “If we are to stand a chance of winning in 2020 we need a leader who will take bold decisions and represents a challenge to the status quo in both our party and the wider country.

“That leader is Liz Kendall. She can lead us to win the next election. For me, it is as simple as this.

“On devolution, education and social mobility, Liz has already demonstrated her depth, passion and ability as a communicator, making the case for Labour values.

“As an MP, like me, who entered Parliament in 2010, I know she can lead us into the 2020 general election with a fresh and clear narrative about why we want to govern.

“And on whether the problems of the market may only be fixed by the state (an old left view); or whether the problems of state may only be fixed by the market (a new Labour view), Liz is demonstrating her depth of thought. To her, there is such a thing as society.”

Mr Shuker added: “Liz is the right person to lead the charge against the Tories’ reckless approach.

“She’s already demonstrated that she isn’t afraid to stand up for what’s right for Britain even when that means taking difficult positions, such as on freedom of movement and immigration.”