General Election 2019: when do polling stations open and close in the Home Counties – and how to find your nearest place to vote

A voter visits a polling station at a church (Photo: Shutterstock)A voter visits a polling station at a church (Photo: Shutterstock)
A voter visits a polling station at a church (Photo: Shutterstock) | other
This Thursday, the UK will head to the polls for the first December general election since 1923.

It looks set to be a decisive vote, with a batch of No. 10 hopefuls who want to put an end to Brexit uncertainty one way or the other, and steer the country in their preferred direction.

So how do you make sure your voice is heard, and your vote is counted?

Here's everything you need to know about polling day:

What time do the polling stations open?

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On the day of the election - Thursday 12 December 2019 - polling stations will open at 7am, and will close at 10pm.

This is the same across the UK, no matter your location.

What if I am late?

There's a 15-hour window of opportunity to vote on polling day, which should give you ample time to get down to your polling station to cast your ballot.

But sometimes, life gets in the way (or we just plain forget until the last minute), and it can be a rush to get to the ballot boxes before 10pm.

So what do you do if you're late?

"Polling must close at 10pm," according to the Electoral Commission, "but any eligible electors who at 10pm are in a queue at their polling station for the purposes of voting (whether that queue is inside or continues on outside the station) must be allowed to vote."

Where is my local polling station?

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Voters will receive a poll card in the post, informing them about when to vote and at which polling station. You can only vote at the location stated on your card so don't try to turn up elsewhere on 12 December.

The polling station is likely to be some sort of public building, such as a school or community hall, near to your home address.

Find out where your polling station is by typing your postcode into the Electoral Commission's search function.

You should cast your vote in person at the polling station listed on your ballot paper.

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If you haven't received your poll card yet, get in touch with your Electoral Registration Office.

What do I need to take with me?

As a voter in England, you do not need to take anything with you if you are registered to vote - not even your poll card or ID.

If you're not registered, then you cannot vote on 12 December because the deadline has passed.

Although you do not need your poll card to cast your vote, you will need to give the staff your name and address.

When you turn up at the station you will be given a ballot paper where you select the parliamentary candidate you want to win.