Kelvin Hopkins breaks party ranks to vote for scrapping of Trident

Kelvin Hopkins MP
Kelvin Hopkins MP

Luton North MP Kelvin Hopkins has broken Labour party ranks to vote for a motion on the scrapping of the Trident nuclear weapons system.

This afternoon an SNP motion to have the defence programme axed was overwhelmingly defeated in Parliament– but Mr Hopkins was one of just six Labour MPs to vote in favour of the move.

In doing so he defied Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn’s directive to abstain.

During a debate on the matter Mr Hopkins asserted that there is little need to renew outdated Trident system at a cost of £31 billion.

Citing a nuclear arms agreement between the UK and other states with Iran in July, he added that “progress is being made by negotiation”.

However Defence Secretary Michael Fallon warned: “We have not had similar progress from any of the other states that use nuclear weapons—and there are still a large number of states that are trying to get their hands on nuclear weapons.”

The motion was defeated by 330 votes to 64.