Luton Lib Dem head calls for Nick Clegg to stand down as party leader

Cllr David Franks has called for Nick Clegg to be replaced as Lib Dem leader
Cllr David Franks has called for Nick Clegg to be replaced as Lib Dem leader

The head of Luton Lib Dems has called for Nick Clegg to step down as party leader as “no-one is listening ”, Luton News can exclusively reveal.

Dismal European election results saw the Lib Dems lose ten and retain just one of its seats in Brussels on Sunday– pitting them behind the Greens, Conservative, Labour and UKIP.

The collapse has seen a number of party representatives call for Mr Clegg to stand down as leader– with David Franks, Crawley ward representative since 1983, adding his name to that list today.

He told Luton News: “I have met Nick Clegg many times.

“He’s a nice bloke, very genuine, cares passionately about what he is doing. We have much to be proud of.

“Because of the actions of Liberal Democrats in government thousands of Luton residents on low wages now pay no income tax.

“Luton schools are receiving millions of pounds through the pupil premium scheme.

“But there is a problem. No matter how strong our messages are, no matter how well presented, if the messages are delivered by Nick Clegg then no-one is listening.

“Unfortunately, that’s not going to change and so he should now stand aside so that our message can be delivered by a new leader.”

Most worryingly for Mr Clegg the Lib Dems came fifth in Sheffield- where his constituency seat is situated.

Despite this the Deputy Prime Minister insisted that he would not step down yesterday.

He said: “The easiest thing in politics, just as in life, is when the going gets really tough is just to walk away, to wash your hands of it.

“But I’m not going to do that. Just at the point when our decisions, our big judgments are being vindicated, we are not going to buckle.”