Luton North MP slams Prime Minister for ‘making times tougher for Lutonians’ with latest recession

The Labour MP said: “Every Tory government ends in crisis.”
Sarah Owen, Luton North MPSarah Owen, Luton North MP
Sarah Owen, Luton North MP

Luton North MP Sarah Owen has slammed the Prime Minister, telling him that pressures on households in town are building as figures reveal the economy is now in recession.

According to the MP, financial indicators show the longest stretch of low growth in the UK since 1955.

Speaking during Prime Minister’s Questions this week, she said: “The Prime Minister talks about things going backwards. Well, the UK is the only western G7 power in recession. Seven consecutive quarters of no growth. This is the worst since records began in 1955. So, can the Prime Minister tell the businesses going bust, tell the families struggling to pay their bills, and tell those being made homeless why this recession – which has his name written all over it – is a good thing for the country?”

The Prime Minister replied: “The Honourable Lady might want to check some of the facts that she just outlined to the House; they are not quite right. Perhaps she would like to explain to the country why her party is stuck with a completely incoherent energy policy that will saddle working families with £28 billion of higher tax rises and higher energy bills.”

Speaking after Prime Minister’s Questions, the MP said: “I’ve spoken to hundreds of Luton North businesses about what they’re going through right now, and I know there is fear for jobs and livelihoods. The Tories can’t be trusted to fix the mess of the economy that their chaotic leadership has caused.

“Only a change of government will bring the stability that people and our businesses in Luton need.”