Luton South MP Gavin Shuker confirms he will stand if a general election is called

MP for Luton South Gavin Shuker has confirmed he will stand as an independent if a general election is called.

Tuesday, 29th October 2019, 3:30 pm
MP Gavin Shuker

MPs are currently debating the timetable for a bill to hold a general election in December.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn announced this morning that the party would back an early general election.

Mr Shuker said: "I will be an Independent candidate in the forthcoming general election for Luton South.

"Luton has always been my home, and it has been an honour to be its voice in parliament since 2010.

"Like thousands of others in Luton, I believe we can do better than a choice between Jeremy Corbyn’s hard-left candidate; and a Tory who backs Boris’ hard-Brexit that will hurt our town.

"If you feel that this choice is no choice at all, I ask you to lend me your vote."

But Mr Shuker's former allies in the Luton Labour Party are eager to topple him if an election is scheduled this December.

Markus Keaney, chairman of Luton South Constituency Labour Party (CLP) said: "[We] have not selected our candidate yet, but look forward to choosing from the eight longlisted imminently.

"The local membership look forward to taking back our seat from squatter MP Gavin Shuker, a man too cowardly to call a by-election as he realises he has even less of a personal mandate than principles.

"We anticipate once again returning two Labour MPs across both Luton constituencies - socialists who will support Prime Minister Jeremy Corbyn in government after the next General Election, and work together to reverse the ravages of almost a decade of austerity."

Luton North MP Kelvin Hopkins is currently serving as an independent after being suspended by the Labour Party over harassment claims. The Luton News has approached Mr Hopkins' office for comment.