‘Park elsewhere’ plea

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Pupils at Farley Junior School launched the latest stage of Luton’s campaign to tackle inconsiderate and often illegal parking near schools on Monday.

Students from Year 6 unveiled a striking new banner urging parents dropping off and picking up children not to park on the zigzag lines clearly marked outside school entrances.

The banner reads: ‘Show you care, park elsewhere: no stopping, no excuses!’ and it will be displayed in turn outside 10 primary schools in Luton over the coming weeks.

Cllr Hazel Simmons, Leader of Luton Borough Council and acting Executive Member with responsibility for road safety, said: “Unfortunately, many motorists frequently stop right outside schools, even on the ‘keep clear’ zigzag lines, to drop off and pick up their children at the start and end of each day.

“This creates significant safety issues for young pedestrians trying to cross the road, and we are asking parents instead to please park at least five minutes away from schools and walk the rest of the journey with their children.

“The Council is working hard to build awareness of this issue among parents, and we also take enforcement action using our CCTV car.

“Nonetheless traffic congestion around our schools in Luton remains a growing concern.”

David Bradshaw, Associate Headteacher at Farley Junior School, said: “Every September there are a number of parents travelling to and from schools for the first time, and headteachers and the Council are using the start of a new school year as an opportunity to remind all motorists of their responsibilities to park legally and considerately near schools.

“Our pupils at Farley Junior School were delighted to help get this message across and we hope parents across Luton will take the message to heart.”

Cllr Simmons added: “When parents park on zigzag or double yellow lines, and also outside residents’ driveways, it creates a build-up of unnecessary traffic and an avoidable hazard in the road.” We cannot and will not be complacent where the safety of our children is at stake.”