Peaceful animal rights campaigners Cube of Truth encourage Luton shoppers to go vegan

Animal rights campaigners recently held a peaceful protest in Luton town centre.

Friday, 28th June 2019, 10:37 am
Cube of Truth and BHB Earthlings.

The passionate group called The Cube of Truth spoke to members of the public about trying a vegan diet and lifestyle, as they believe that the meat, dairy and fishing industries are cruel.

For example, hens are killed at 42 days old and pigs at six months old.

A Cube of Truth spokesman, claimed: “We showed footage of the grim reality for animals in the meat, dairy, egg and fish industries and asked people to consider switching to a cruelty-free vegan diet and lifestyle.

“The sun came out - and so did a great team of animal rights activists as the Cube of Truth returned to Luton.

“Lots of shoppers and passers-by stopped to discuss the issue. Almost all of them condemned the way that animals are treated but many felt they would find the switch to veganism too challenging.

“We explained that many current animal rights activists had felt that way in the past, but none of us regretted changing to veganism - and only wish we had done so sooner.”

The group also thanked the BHB Earthlings team for joining them.