Revised tax bills going out to 113,550 homes in Central Beds

New council tax bills will be sent to 113,550 homes in Central Beds following the results of the Police and Crime Commissioner’s council tax referendum.
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Central Beds HQ

The 15.84% increase in the police portion of the bill will be replaced by a rise of just 1.99%.

Residents will be re-billed on the basis of this lower rate which represents an annual charge of £159.67 for a band D property (as opposed to the charge of £181.35 arising from the 15.84 per cent increase).

As a contingency measure, both precept amounts were ratified by the council in February.

All council tax bills will now be reissued to reflect the referendum result and a reduction applied which will be back dated to April 1, 2015. The average reduction on a band D property will amount to £21.68 for the year.

Residents should continue to pay their council tax in the usual way until they receive the revised bill, which will be issued during week beginning June 8. The revised bill will confirm the reduced charge and revised monthly instalment payments.

For more information about the council tax referendum and its impact on council tax visit the council website to read the council tax referendum frequently asked questions flyer.