Seeing red over green belt plan

Land next to Newlands Road/Luton Road where 234 houses could be built.
Land next to Newlands Road/Luton Road where 234 houses could be built.

A fresh application to build 234 homes by Luton Rugby Club in Farley has been met with despair by residents.

The previous application from Templeview Development Ltd - for 230 homes - was refused and an appeal rejected, but the developers have submitted a new proposal for the same area of land by Newlands Road.

Councillor Richard Stay who represents Slip End and Caddington said he and the residents are strongly opposed to the plan.

He said: “We think it’s unsustainable and entirely inappropriate. There will be visual intrusion onto the green belt and the proposals will impact on an area of outstanding natural beauty in the green belt and in places like Stockwood Park in Luton.

“The last proposal was refused by LBC planning committee and I really hope they take the same view this time. The developers are trying to shoehorn hundreds of houses onto a pocket handkerchief of land and it will have a detrimental impact on area, strain the road network and impact on local schools.”

Councillor Sian Timoney who represents Farley said one of the reasons the previous scheme was rejected was because it was very overcrowded.

She said: “We have always supported development to the West of Luton but the previous scheme for this area of land wasn’t suitable. I don’t know yet how different the new application is from the last one but it would have to be really quite different with far fewer houses and much better design for it to be considered.”

A Caddington resident commenting on the proposals on the village Facebook page said: “That junction cannot take any more traffic let alone 234 further dwellings, it’s a joke.” Another resident said: “Let’s keep some green fields, build on brown sites, or buy old houses and do them up.” Other comments included: “Very bad news - especially for anyone who would have to live in such crowded conditions near such dangerous roads and junctions.”

Homes are needed but so is quality of life.”