Powerlifter dad from Luton has struck gold

Gary Dada
Gary Dada

A dad-of-four from Luton is on top form after winning gold in a powerlifting championship last month.

Gary Dada, 44, took part in the prestigious competition hosted by the British Drug Free Powerlifting Association in Telford among 600 other contestants.

He competed in the unequipped benchpress category. He accomplished three lifts of 210kg, 220kg and 228kg respectively, earning the gold award in the benchpress event and also best unequipped benchpresser of the competition.

Gary, of Caddington Road, also set a new world record in the sport.

He said: “I’ve been going to the gym since my early twenties, and back in 2010, someone said to me ‘why don’t you try powerlifting?’

“It was quite daunting to see all these big guys, but it was a big step from working out on my own and I wanted to do it.

“My kids are really proud of their dad, all of them are into sport.”

Asked what the secret was to sporting success, Gary said: “Eat all the right meals and just simple dedication. I trained five days a week and it’s helped me a lot to get my strength up and work on my technique.”

Gary trains at DW Sports, and when not pumping iron at the gym works hards as a security consultant. His next championship will be in Italy next year.

Among other accolades, he has previously won the Luton Sports Personality Of The Year. He is keen to encourage people in the community and said: “At the moment I train a few young boys and I mentor some young people.

“I don’t use supplements, all my strength comes from daily meals – just eating the right stuff. People tend to think that you need supplements, but you don’t.”