‘Prostitution and drug taking is rife at Luton flat block’

Worried and “vulnerable” Luton residents are calling on Bedfordshire Police and Aldwyck Housing to stamp out drug taking and prostitution in their flat block.

Thursday, 4th April 2019, 10:40 am
Updated Thursday, 4th April 2019, 10:47 am

A number of residents at Grove House, Grove Road, contacted the Luton News, as they believe the situation at the property has worsened.

The tenants say that people have been taking drugs in the hallway and under the stairwells for a couple of years, and that prostitutes have started using the car park underneath the flats, because it is secluded.

One resident claimed: “People are smoking, injecting.

Urine by the front door.

“At one time, I think it stayed mostly in the flats, but now the block’s front door mechanism has broken, so the problem has become more widespread - anyone can easily come in.

“There can be up to 20 people a night! I think a couple of residents are involved.

“There are five or six prostitutes. Needles are left there and one lady trod on one.

“Some of the addicts also get into street fights. There are people here who are elderly or ill and they can’t sleep for the worry or the noise.”

It is also claimed that one resident was threatened by two men - who each had a machete - because he saw them trying to open letter boxes by the front door and questioned what they were doing.

The resident alleged: “Another man got a black eye from a druggie, and a lady has had her handbag stolen.”

An Aldwyk Housing spokeswoman, said: “At the time of the request, we were not aware of prostitution at the property. We’re following this up with the police.

“We are aware that people have been entering the block and causing drug nuisance. These individuals are not known to us, and we don’t believe our residents are involved. We are working with the local police, providing them access last month.

“We’ve requested additional regular patrols around the area and block which the police have confirmed.

“We have received complaints recently about non-residents getting into the block but we’ve been unable to identify how they’re getting in. These individuals may be tailgating residents as they enter the property, or a resident may be allowing access. We’ve not been able to evidence this, and have asked for the police’s support via additional patrols.

“We were not previously aware [of the broken front door]. As a result, we’ve instructed our electrical contractors to carry out urgent remedial works to the property’s entry systems.”

PC Michael Trinder, from the Luton Community Policing Team, said: “We are aware of issues on Grove Road, and reports from residents are concerning; nobody should feel vulnerable or frightened.

“We can use various powers in order to tackle any illegal activity in the area, including by going to the court to secure closure orders on properties where there is evidence of criminality.

“Call 101, report information online at www.bedfordshire.police.uk/report or by calling Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.”

But the resident claimed: “We’ve told Aldwyck before. They always say it’s the first time they’ve heard anything.”