Pupils investigate spaceship crash site

Southfield Primary pupils got the chance to investigate their very own spaceship crash site after returning from the Christmas holidays.

Tuesday, 10th January 2017, 1:15 pm
A mock up of a spaceship crash on school field

The crash scene was set up to encourage the pupils to be imaginative and inspire them to write.

Staff brought in some parts that could be used and the school received donations of parts and domestic appliances from Jo Graham and Son on Cosgrove Way.

Part of the teacher training day was then used to set up the crash site and plan how they would use the scenario with children when they returned to school on Thursday.

Spaceship crash site

Children from all the year groups had to investigate what they think happened.

Some classes asked children to write stories, others wrote newspaper reports interviewing members of staff to include in quotes.

Miss Sarah Pollard, headteacher, said: “Pupils have thoroughly enjoyed investigating what might have happened on the crash site and I hope we can provide interesting learning experiences like this in the future.”

Spaceship crash site