‘Quiet’ eco aircraft wizzes into Luton

Jonathan Pollard (LLA) and Owain Jones (Wizz Air).
Jonathan Pollard (LLA) and Owain Jones (Wizz Air).

London Luton Airport (LLA) was proud to welcome Wizz Air’s first new generation Airbus A321neo aircraft, which has a reduced noise footprint of almost 50 per cent.

This new generation aircraft, which arrived on March 15, is equipped with the latest technology and will deliver “significant environmental benefits”, including reduced emissions, lower fuel burn, and less noise.

Wizz is now the second airline at LLA to adopt the NEO, as easyJet took delivery of its first in June 2017 and now has 25 in its fleet, with over 100 more on order.

James Dontas, flight operations manager at LLA, said: “It is great news for our local communities that our two biggest airlines are now taking delivery of these quieter aircraft.

“It will make a significant difference when added to our already stringent noise control measures.”