Recruitment for disability service


Disabled people are being given a say in who is recruited for a health and social care organisation which provides services for them.

Turning Point has started involving the people it supports in the recruitment process.

Its new regional manager for Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire, Laurie Armantrading, was selected by an interview panel which included service user Wilmer.

Wilmer was asked by Turning Point directors Fiona Ritchie and Andy Callow to review the information on all shortlisted candidates.

He then consulted with tenants and staff where he lives to decide what to ask. Top of the questions was how the candidate would help staff support tenants.

Wilmer said afterwards: “I’d definitely do it again and recommend it to other people as it’s important for tenants to have a voice.”

Laurie Armantrading found the interview refreshing. “The process felt very meaningful, uplifting and left me with a very positive impression,” he said.

Fiona added: “People who use the services see things from a different perspective and very often ask the real crunchy questions that get to the heart of what is important to them.

“Our processes would be weaker without them.”