Remember loves ones at ‘Prayer Tree’ in Luton

Prayer tree in The Mall at Luton
Prayer tree in The Mall at Luton

Shoppers can dedicate their prayers to loved ones after the launch of a ‘Prayer Tree’ in Luton.

The Salvation Army and Luton Gospel Community Choir sang Christmas carols at the launch and invited shoppers at The Mall to join in, at Smiths Square.

The Prayer Tree invites shoppers to choose a prayer bauble, write the person’s name on the card, read the prayer and add the decoration to the tree. Messages and prayers will form part of the Midnight Mass service in St Mary’s Church, Luton on Christmas Eve.

The Mall’s Nativity scene is now in place overlooking St Mary’s Church in the Church Street windows.

The centre is set welcome the Christmas spirit in bundles, with various Christmas choirs and band performances captivating shoppers.

The next event sees the Theatre Train bringing festive fun for shoppers, performing on Saturday, December 8 in The Atrium between 2pm and 3pm.

On Monday, December 17 shoppers can join in and spread the Christmas cheer with the TUI Choir performing in front of the Christmas grotto.

From Monday, December 17 until Saturday, December 22, The Mall will extend its opening hours from from 8am until 8pm each day. For full opening hours, visit the Ask Me Point or