Scouts enjoy boatbuilding challenge

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A campsite in Henlow was turned into a makeshift shipyard as 250 Luton Scouts faced their latest challenge – to build and race a flotilla of sailing boats out of cardboard.

Organiser Alan Burnham is well known for setting Luton Scouts incredible challenges, and his latest brought over 250 Scouts and leaders to a small lake in Boyd Field campsite to race DIY boats made from cardboard boxes and waterproof tape.

Two Muslim adult volunteers, Monica Davis and Medina Saeed, from Beech Hill ISB Scout Group, said: “We didn’t win but what a marvellous adventure.”

Two groups, Saxon and Beech Hill, combined forces to field a 12-strong crew which threatened to capsize their boat at any moment but it stayed the course.

The winners were Josh and Shay from Hydra Explorer Unit. They said: “It was like an M25 traffic jam out there. But what a challenge.

“We’ll definitely be back next year.”

Alan Burnham said: “I was pleased how successful the regatta proved to be.”

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