Scouts save the world from toxic threat

More than 140 Luton Scouts and their leaders survived a series of devilish Bear Grylls challenges at Milton Bryan camp site.

Sunday, 10th December 2017, 4:57 pm
Updated Sunday, 10th December 2017, 5:00 pm

Following the example of daredevil Chief Scout Bear Grylls, 12 teams of Scouts as young as 11 had to imagine they were the sole survivors of a toxic waste disaster which threatened the world.

Their task was to use their Scouting skills to secure the site and save the day.

The teams had to negotiate an obstacle course blindfold, then find a way of removing a fire by floating it across a pond and show they could work safely with knives and axes.

They had to make a stretcher from natural materials to carry an injured colleague to safety, build a shelter big enough for the entire team and remove a toxic canister without touching it.

Organiser Scout leader James Hinkins said: “It was a real adventure for these young Scouts. We had a team of 25 adults to help and it’s thanks to these volunteers that the Scouts had such a memorable time.”