Scouts tackle Bear Grylls’ survival skills

Luton Scouts learn Bear Grylls' survival techniques
Luton Scouts learn Bear Grylls' survival techniques

More than 50 young Luton Scouts had to imagine they’d been stranded on an island by a storm with just a few belongings.

Following the experiences of daredevil Chief Scout Bear Grylls, they had to build a shelter, make a stretcher for an injured colleague, light a fire and boil water for a hot drink.

They also had to learn to use and hunt with the only rifle they had, set up an alarm to warn of approaching wild animals and finally prepare a signal for a rescue helicopter that was searching for them.

All this took place during a series of challenges at Henlow’s seven-acre Boyd Field Camp Site.

Icknield district assistant commissioner James Hinkins, who organised the day-long event, said: “It was a real adventure for these young Scouts with a Bear Grylls story running through it.

“We had a team of 25 adults to help and it’s thanks to them and the Scouts that we had such fun.”

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